QRP Beginner's Fermentation Kits
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The QRP OCCUPARE VITA BEGINNER'S FERMENTATION KITS are offered to those who wish to ferment food or beverage using 2 Mason jars while storing or consuming from 1 or 2 Mason jars of fermented food or beverage (jars not included).  Includes 4 each Plastic Caps with Silicone Grommets installed to side leaving space for labeling, Seals, EXCLUSIVE QRP OCCUPARE VITA FERMENTATION FOOD RETAINER AERATION CUPS, Stoppers, 1 Tamper, and ONLY TWO (2) 3-Piece Airlocks.

  • Item #: QRP-FBEGKITS
  • Manufacturer: Quality Reliable Products, USA
  • Condition: New

QRP Beginner's Fermentation Kits

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