Occupare Vita Food Retainer Aeration Cups (12) QRP Exclusive
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Save $$$ ON COSTLY WEIGHTS!  Glass or ceramic weights are usually used in an attempt to hold the fermenting food underneath the brine as it expands so that it's not exposed to air, which causes mold.  Because weights must fit into the jar's mouth, they aren't wide enough to keep all food particles from rising and the weights shift making them ineffective.  They're also found to break for no apparent reason during the fermentation process.  When the airlock becomes contaminated by the food and juices, mold grows in the airlock. QRP'S NEW PATENT PENDING OCCUPARE VITA FOOD RETAINER AERATION CUP situates on the mouth of the jar where it stays put and holds the fermenting food submerged underneath the brine while isolating and protecting the airlock.


  • Item #: QRP-FCUPS-x12
  • Manufacturer: Quality Reliable Products, USA
  • Condition: New

Occupare Vita Food Retainer Aeration Cups (12) QRP Exclusive

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