Haitian Metal Art - Romans 15:13 Cross
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Haitian Metal Art

Romans 15:13 Cross

W 16" x H 24"


Haiti has long been known for the metal art of the artisans’ village at Croix-des-Bouquets. Since the 1950’s Haitians have been flattening 55 gallon oil drums and using these steel canvases to cut, pierce, and bend intricate images and sculptures. The drums are cut down the middle, and manually flattened with time and strength until it is perfectly flat. A design is drawn onto the metal and using a hammer and chisel the design is cut out. The final details are added by hand using hammer, nails, and other durable tools. A rustproof sealant is applied and the finished piece is polished to perfection.


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(MA) Haitian Metal Art - Romans 15:13 Cross

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